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Game News
Initial Structure:

I sat down and asked myself, apart from the handywork done by blizzard to keep track of guild activity, what else can be done to encourage our type of guild activity? The answer was simple. A record of honor kills made since joining the guild. It's going to work as on the day of your orientation, we'll record how many honor kills you have from that point on. So lets say you have orientation with 10,000 HK. That's your benchmark for 0. So to reach the next rank, you'll need to get 5k HK. So you'll need to have a total of 15k HK. Also, the system depends greatly on mastering the professions of your main, and ultimately building one of each of what I call the PvP Trinity. The PvP Trinity is DPS, Snare/lockdown, Heal.

Additionally, I further believe that through intense and extreme training by farming HKs to reach the ranks you need, it'll leave the ranks feeling like you've deeply earned them. And in doing so you, you'll have gained the pvp skills necessary to reflect it, thus you gain more skill through that grind.

Without further ado, here are the ranks.


This rank is your probationary rank where you're in the guild, but you haven't yet been initiated in the biweekly orientation. Take this time to learn about us and run with us. See if you can fit into our pack and tear apart our enemies.

Omega Wolf/Acquaintance:
(+15kHK )

The term Omega wolf refers to the wolf that is the most picked on in the pack and is hardly given any food. Even the pups eat before the Omega Wolf does. However, this doesn't reflect the RP of this rank, it just shows its level on the totem pole. In order to reach this rank, you need 15,000 Honorable kills since you've joined Alpha Pack.

White Wolf/Associate:
(+35kHK, Both main professions maxed.)

From here on, the requirements get kinda steep, but the rewards are worth it. THis is where you start getting paid for your hard work at 35 gold a week (5 gold a day at the guild bank). Granted, this reward isn't much, but its a step in the right direction, and you get more access to the guild bank tabs as they become relevant and necessary.
The requirements here are having 35,000 Honor Kills since you joined Alpha Pack and having both of your professions maxed out. (Exclude Secondary Professions.)

Gray Wolf/Companion:
(+60kHK, Second PvP trinity toon.)

Your work has been hard, but not unnoticed. You're making 350 gold a week (50g a week) just by sitting in the guild (although we don't tolerate leeches). You've created your last toon so you could have your own trinity team if you want to start ripping into the arena. At this rank you're respected and listened to for your experience on the battlefield.
So one of the requirements talks about a PvP Trinity toon. So one of the requirements talks about a PvP Trinity toon. And yeah, don't worry all of your honor kills made on that toon (From level 1 to level 85.) will go to your total honor kill count for the guild. So if your main was a DPS, you need to roll a snare or a heal. Snares include but are not limited to, subtelty rogues, frost mages, stunadins etc. This toon should be geared out in the most current pvp gear and ready to roll so we can fill all of the roles in any raid that we need.

Before you jump to conclusions!
Bare in mind that not always will you need to meet these requirements to be promoted. If I find you extremely valuable such as a prominent rated BG leader or Arena captain or something that makes a stand for us, (not just finesse in battle) then I might promote you excluding the requirements that you need. But, you only get one get out of jail free card. So if I promote you to the 30K benchmark, that means your count gets bumped up so you don't have to keep farming HKs to get the next rank. You HK count will match your rank accordingly.

This is also a sketch on our ranking system. It is subject to change.
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Guild website is under construction.

Loreveco, Dec 14, 10 11:11 PM.
This is the location of our website. Recruiting info on the right. Image gallery on the right. Everything else I am sure you can figure it out.
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